Instagram tips for beginners

If you have just heard about the current instagram and you really want to join in the rush, then you will get useful information from the instagram guide for beginners. Again, if you have also joined the instagram platform, and you need information on how to use the platform, you will be very informed by this write-up. There is no gainsaying that instagram application no doubt is a mobile application. The simple meaning of this is that you have to download the supporting applications that will enable you make use of instagram on your mobile device. The applications that support instagram which you must have before you can access it are either the iOS or Android operating system.


Instagram for beginers

Instagram for beginers

Then, you need to be aware of the fact that instagram applications are on the level of public default. The simple meaning of this is that if you ever want to make use of instagram on a private base, you will need to create a private account that will make it possible that only your friends or users that you allow, can follow you and view your photos and information. After registration, you can then change your profile picture and edit your profile information etc. This is very simple to do, just get to the profile area, and click private. At the private option, you can choose to make anything private depending on the things you do not want people to see.

It will be very good to inform you as a beginner that instagram has not got its own web hosted source of photos. Because of this, you will always get your photos from your mobile. This necessitates the fact that you will need to improve your mobile use or experience by having some push notifications. They might include notifications when a user likes or comments on your picture, when a follower uploads a picture, when a user mentions you in his or her comment and when your photo is posted anywhere, including the popular page. These gives you better experience of the application. This can be done by configuring your application preferences.


The next tip is that you should be aware of the fact that instagram as a social application almost exists in isolation, because it is exclusively mobile. For you to curb this, you have to connect to other social accounts for the proper experience. You can connect to Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Flickr, weibo etc. This can be done by going to the profile tab. From there to the edit sharing settings, and then you add the network you want to share with. It is through these networks that majority of people will view your profile and photos.


At this level, you can now add photos. Instagram means photos and this is what it is all about. You can make use of instagram cameras to snap new photos or you can access already saved photos on your mobile device. The double square blue button located at the left screen will give you access to the later. With these, you are now ready to enjoy your instagram and its beauty.